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Was Your Child Forced To Practice After Getting Hurt? Get Legal Help For The Injury

If your child was a sports practice and got hurt, but the coach continued to make them practice even though they were in pain, and now you have a serious injury on your hands, it's time to call a lawyer. You don't want to pay for the bills that will follow to treat the injury, and the coach should pay for the injury that they caused your child. Here are some of the things that you want to talk with a lawyer about so you can get to the bottom of the situation, and so you have proof the case. Read More 

What Happens if a Car Accident Aggravates an Existing Injury?

If you have been involved in a car accident that has aggravated an injury you already had, then you might be thinking that you do not have a case. However, this isn't always true since you can be compensated for aggravation, just not the full treatment of the pre-exisiting condition. Don't be discouraged either when an insurance company tells you that you will not be compensated because it was a pre-exisiting condition. Read More 

When Technology Strikes: What To Do When Hit By A Distracted Driver

Technology has taken over just about every facet of everyday life. When used in moderation, it's an excellent tool. However, when drivers are unable to detach while behind the wheel, technology is dangerous. If you were struck by a driver who was using their cell phone, tablet, or another device, make sure you know what to do. Make a note of Their Device Usage The best, and less stressful, personal injury claims are those that have plenty of evidence. Read More 

Herniated Discs: Understand What They Are And How They Can Affect You After A Car Accident

Herniated disc injuries are one of the lesser-known results of automobile accidents. Most people don't realize how easily a herniated disc can happen in a car accident, nor do they realize the long-term implication of that kind of injury. If you've suffered a herniated disc in a car accident, this is what you should know. What is a herniated disc? Your spine actually has 33 vertebrae that run from the base of your skull all the way to your tailbone. Read More 

Medical Negligence During Pregancy: What You Need To Know

Once you discover that you are pregnant, feelings of joy and excitement over a new addition to the family will prevail. The last thing you likely think about is complications during your pregnancy. Most mothers will not develop any problems, but some pregnancies can be less than perfect. That is why it is crucial for all expectant moms to know about some of the problems that could happen so that they can remain vigilant in following up on any symptoms that can seem out of the ordinary. Read More