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Settlements And Taxes: What You Need To Know

If you have been through a car accident, you know what a frustrating and scary ordeal it can be. If you have received money from a settlement from the party at fault, you need to take several things into consideration before spending the money. Taxes may be due on some or all of your settlement, depending on the type of claim that you filed. The following are the different claims and settlements on which you may have tax liability: Read More 

Was You VA Disability Claim Denied? Get Legal Help Fast!

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) exists to help veterans transition to a civilian lifestyle, and are a vital tool in making sure that mentally and physically afflicted veterans get the help they need. If recent scandals, reports from older veterans, or your own dealings with the VA haven't made it apparent, it can be a full time job to get past the standard VA medical system and into the disability system. Read More 

How Your Actions Can Reduce Your Personal Injury Award

In personal injury claims, every injury's victims hope is to get the maximum possible award. What most victims don't know is that what their actions or lack of actions have a significant role to play in the determination of their awards. For example, these three actions can easily minimize your settlement or award: Failure to Mitigate Damages Whenever you are claiming personal injury damages, the defendant (via their insurer) will confirm whether you took the necessary measures to limit the damages after the initial accident. Read More 

3 Pieces Of Information To Know Before You Fill Out Your SSD Application

One of the hardest parts of becoming disabled far before time for you to actually retire is the fact that you will have to jump through hoops and over hurdles to get the Social Security Disability (SSD) payments you need. This whole fiasco will start right from the time you apply, with loads of paperwork with a ton of questions that need to answered in the right way. It is always best to go ahead and get advice from an SSD attorney before you apply, but just having all of the information you need in advance will help you get through the application quickly. Read More 

What To Know About Induction And Birth Injuries

Inducing labor is a fairly common practice, especially for pregnant women who are at risk for complications. However, some women consult with their doctor to schedule an induction at a certain time even if there are no complications. This helps make planning the birth a bit more convenient, especially for parents who may live far from their hospital and risk the chance of not making it in time once labor starts. Read More