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Determining Liability In A Truck Accident Caused By Improper Loading

Improper loading increases the risk of a truck accident in more ways than one. For example, it may interfere with weight distribution on the truck or lead to cargo falling off the truck. It's important to consult with a semi truck crash attorney to see who may be held responsible for your accident. Here are some of the parties that may be liable for such an accident: Truck Drivers In most cases of automobile accidents, the driver is likely to be at least partially liable for the damages. Read More 

Five Tips For Car Accident Victims With Ongoing Whiplash Symptoms

Whiplash after a car accident is not uncommon, and in most cases, the soreness and stiffness fades away within a week or so. But what if it doesn't? If it has been more than a week since your car accident and you are still struggling with pain, stiffness, soreness, and an inability to use your neck properly, then you may be dealing with chronic whiplash. Here are five things you should do ASAP. Read More 

What Is Assumption Of Risk?

An assumption of risk is a legal theory that holds that an injury victim knew that a situation was dangerous, but they still went ahead (voluntarily) to put themselves in the situation. It is a common affirmative defense put up by defendants facing tort claims. There are two main categories of assumption of risk. Express Assumption of Risk This theory applies when someone gives their "express agreement," typically a written one, before placing themselves in a dangerous situation. Read More 

Who’s At Fault? Understanding Personal Injury Liability

When car wrecks happen, it may not always be readily apparent who was at fault for the accident. Some accidents involve too many factors to just automatically assign liability. When it comes to how much money you can expect to get for your accident, liability plays a large part. This issue is somewhat confusing, so read on to learn more. What is meant by liability? In simplest terms, liability is another way of saying guilt or fault. Read More 

Social Media Guidelines To Follow After A Motorcycle Accident Injury

If you've been in a motorcycle accident, you may be trying to resume your normal life as much as possible. That may include posting on various social media websites and apps. However, it's important to be careful with what you post.  Posting on the internet has been misunderstood since it began, but perhaps the most misunderstood aspect is that even "private" posts may not be private. That's true no matter how carefully you set your security settings. Read More