Workers Compensation Terms Are Not Set In Stone

As you recover through a workplace injury, workers compensation helps by covering your related medical bills and providing a percentage of your paycheck depending on your state's policy. Unfortunately, some complications can lead to continuing problems even after the workers compensation system deems you fit to return to work. As you recover--or if you're experiencing some system problems--consider a post-workers compensation options to protect your best interests.

Deliver Social Security Disability Paperwork Early

Not all injuries will have a full recovery, or even a good enough recovery. Workers who will be permanently disabled with anything from new headaches to a limp or pain and mobility issues are qualified for disability support through the Social Security Administration, but it requires some proof.

Workers compensation has a few provisions for getting you into Social Security quicker. Beyond normal workers compensation, most states have a temporary disability program that grants extended benefits if your recovery takes longer than a year or so.

If you qualify for this, prepare for the worst just in case. File for social security and let the system deny you if you're wrong.

The main issue is that social security claims can take a lot of time. They also require a lot of medical evidence, which usually comes out of your pocket during the claims process. If you're already on workers compensation medical support, you can use the doctors to get the evidence you need.

The paperwork needed and legal language to support your claim may be a bit intense, as disability payment systems have strict guidelines. To reduce most risks of being denied, get a team of workers compensation lawyers on your side. They can handle your paperwork more efficiently and figure out which specialists you need to make sure you get the right evidence before workers compensation time runs out.

If you're already off workers compensation benefits, it's not too late. A legal team can help you get back on the benefits by directing you to a medical team that can show your existing problems. It's best to at least get under the cover of workers compensation again, but social security claim paperwork can be the main goal if necessary.

Pushing For Personal Injury Claims

In some situations, your workplace injury is more than just an innocent accident. If you suspect that your injury was caused by gross negligence, malicious intent, or the actions of someone outside of the company, a personal injury claim should be your next step.

With a personal injury claim, you can ask for a larger sum of money to help you recover from an injury. Your business and coworkers are usually protected from such legal measures as long as your injury falls under the definition of an accident, and workers compensation foots the bill. For anything that seems even remotely shady, bring it up with a lawyer.

It's best to bring a claim up in court sooner than later. The longer you wait, the easier it is to blame your problems on a newer accident. Contact a workers compensation lawyer to discuss your options.