Four Injuries That May Show Up Days After Your Motorcycle Accident

If you are in a motorcycle accident and are able to walk away from the scene, you should consider yourself very lucky. As you likely know, many motorcycle accidents are either fatal or result in very serious, life-threatening injuries. But just because you feel somewhat okay immediately after the accident does not mean you are not injured. There are a few common motorcycle accident injuries that start to show symptoms a day or a few days post-accident.

Slipped Discs

A slipped disc occurs when a ring or cartilage between two of your vertebrae slides or slips to the side. For the first day or two, you may not notice this injury because your whole back is just a little sore. But as the general muscle soreness subsides, you may notice that the pain is centralized to one area to the side of your spine. A slipped disc might get better on its own, but most people require chiropractic care and perhaps some steroid injections to get over this injury.


If your neck snapped forward and back in the accident, you may notice that it becomes stiff and sore a day or two after the accident -- once the muscles have had a chance to tighten up. This condition is known as whiplash. It can make it hard to turn your head or look in the same direction for more than a few minutes. Whiplash may require muscle relaxers, massage therapy, and in serious cases, surgery to alleviate.

Pinched Nerves

If you tear or injure a muscle anywhere in your body during the motorcycle accident, the swelling of the muscle may put pressure on and pinch one of your nerves. This can lead to an array of symptoms, from stabbing pain, to tingling and numbness in a limb. While the symptoms may go away in a few days once the swelling subsides, you may also need physical therapy or surgery to free the nerve in some cases.

Minor Fractures

You would notice pain from a serious broken bone right away. But if you just suffered a minor fracture in a certain bone, the pain may not arise for a day or two due to the adrenaline you had pumping through your veins post-accident. Minor fractures tend to heal well, but you may need a cast or boot for a few weeks.

If you have signs of injuries popping up a few days after your motorcycle accident, contact a motorcycle accident attorney. They can help you go after the other driver or their insurance company for the cost of treating your injuries.