What To Know About Induction And Birth Injuries

Inducing labor is a fairly common practice, especially for pregnant women who are at risk for complications. However, some women consult with their doctor to schedule an induction at a certain time even if there are no complications. This helps make planning the birth a bit more convenient, especially for parents who may live far from their hospital and risk the chance of not making it in time once labor starts. Inducing doesn't come without it's faults, however, which is why you should know these few things about induction and birth injuries:

You Must Fill Out Paperwork to Give Consent: 

Your doctor must hand you paperwork and go over the possible side effects and risk of inducing. Once you have read over and discussed this, you will need to sign the paperwork stating that you give your consent to induce. If you do not fill this paperwork out, it means you did not officially consent to being induced. This is especially troublesome if you have been given the medicine for being induced once you are at the hospital and experiencing pregnant pains. This can lead to you making rash decisions and agreeing to being induced without filling out paperwork and understanding the possible risks of this procedure. 

You Must be Monitored At All Times:

Once you have been given the medication for inducing labor, you must be monitored just as you would be if you were in labor. If your doctor is not monitoring you, this is negligence and can possibly lead to birth injury. This is because, once induced, labor kicks in quite quickly. If your doctor is not there, chances of injury can occur, especially if you are not in the right position, your hospital bed is not adjusted properly, or the wiring around your belly complicates movement. 

The Medications are Not Given Properly:

When inducing labor, the right dosage of medication needs to be given. If not, problems can occur. Your doctor should also be there to monitor the way you take the medication and how much is given. This way, it doesn't cause complications for the baby. 

If you feel that after you have had an induced labor your child was injured because of it, you should contact a birth injury lawyer. He or she will be able to go over the details of your delivery to determine whether or not you have a case on your hands.